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Produced by Trifeckta


I say I’d rather life in slow mo/we chillin but still rebuildin tha highs that’s so low/tell me whats goin this hype fed is so wrong/feel like its an overload overload overload overall/x2
Just breeeeathe and relax cuz we chillin/x2 freakage

Chill chill chill pill instilled in these 808s/infinity insignia a cinema/of symphonic serenity surrender ya subliminal/to nil ill will/cuz uh/we chillin we chillin/right now/ can longer ponder what stresses and disfigures me/tryin to stretch my mental depth wit cybernetic synergy/I’m lost within tha chemistry/never paid attention/skipped detention ditched tha system now nobody listens/but/I really can’t digress gotta progress/body and mind wont digest failure/opt for not an option/cochran/case closed we gon make it to top man/a blinding brilliance of chillness to hover over you/tha shadow never shallow swallowing whatevers holdin u down/

Audibly calming u honest and wit sincerity/refractin tha passion in phantasm to seek more clarity/so just relax/and interact/everybody needs to see their dreams before this world collapses/I’m takin action/right now/ground level cloud nine/sublime/every step up to success there be a clown mime/drownin out to far too climb they can’t catch up/too busy speculating on business that ain’t theirs/if ya need to know ask me when pass me/believe the inconceivable u ain’t gon flabbergast me/mass relay space station skatin that’s me/my style/gotta keep it classy/ha


released December 12, 2012



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Hearskra-z Saint Louis

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